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In Hoc Signo Vinces
In this sign conquer

Forward Assist has adopted this motto. In our flag logo, which represents our mission
to help Veterans and First Responders in combat, stateside, and at home; we will be there to help conquer whatever challenges life has presented.

The History Behind the Motto:

In 312 AD, the Roman Empire was divided and deteriorating. General Constantine was
about to face a formidable enemy with a larger army and a better strategic position.
Hundreds of thousands of armed men prepared for a battle to the death. The victor
would become emperor of Rome and would impact western civilization as we know it.
Before battle, Constantine realized he needed help from a power greater than himself. 
He prayed that the true God, whoever that may be, would “reveal to him who he is, and
stretch forth his right hand to help him.”

Constantine then saw a bright cross of light emblazoned against the noonday sky and
upon it, the inscription: “In hoc signo vinces”, In this sign, conquer. Constantine believed this to be the answer to his prayer, and ordered his soldiers to inscribe crosses on their shields. Encouraged by his vision in the heavens, he launched his troops against his

rival and ultimately led his soldiers to victory.

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